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Supporter Spotlight: Marcia Reed
8th May


Supporter Spotlight: Marcia Reed

This month’s supporter spotlight is bittersweet. Our story began 17 years ago with a fundraiser called ‘Designers’ Closet” and this wonderful lady, Marcia Reed. It comes to an end with a lifetime achievement award for her and a huge loss for us as she moves to Colorado in a few weeks. Here’s the story of what happened in between.

Lisa Benjamin, our Information & Technology Coordinator and also a 17 year Coburn veteran, had these words to say to Marcia at our Supporter Appreciation Event.

“I am so honored to present this next award. We are beyond grateful to give a lifetime achievement award to Marcia Reed for 17 years of service to Coburn Place.”

Wow, 17 years!! Marcia, thank you for many, many, MANY hours of work on special events! Marcia began her involvement with Coburn at a clothing sale fundraiser we used to have called ‘Designers’ Closet’. The committee collected, sorted and priced clothing all year long then held a sale. They even modeled outfits, which we posted on our website. Here are some of Marcia’s glamour shots.”


“When Designers’ Closet ended, we wanted to party! And so CoburnFest! was born. Marcia coined the phrase ‘party with a purpose’ and served as co-chair for several years. All in all, you helped raise more than $1 million to support our families.

Thank you for the countless trips to pick up and drop off donations. You’ve been an amazing ambassador. I’m pretty sure everyone in your neighborhood is in our donor database! All of these items have helped make our apartments home.”

“Thank you for all of the treats and yummy goodies. Don’t tell my mom, but Marcia makes THE best snickerdoodles. Maybe when she moves to Colorado next month, I’ll lose a little weight because she won’t be popping in every couple of weeks with a plate full of cookies!”

But mostly, thank you Marcia, for your friendship and kindness. You always make us feel special. You always brighten our day with your visits. We always joke about who has been here longer – you or me. It doesn’t really matter. I’m SO glad we ended up here together. Thank you for keeping Coburn so close to your heart. We’re going to miss you like crazy!”

Please help us in thanking Marcia for 17 years well done as well as wishing her well in her new journey in life!

We’re not saying good bye, just see you later, Marcia. We, obviously, have some volunteer opportunities, so help us fill them by sharing your time!

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