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Supporter Appreciation 2017 Wrap-Up: Coburn All-Stars
9th May


Supporter Appreciation 2017 Wrap-Up: Coburn All-Stars

You constantly go to bat for Coburn families. We are so grateful for all the wins you chalk up. One small way we cheer you on is with our Annual Supporter Appreciation Event. Food, fun, games, awards and whole lot of smiles, laughter and love. Thanks for being an all-star on Team Coburn!

Thanks for Making 2016 A Home Run, Coburn Place All-Stars. It was a trip to the ballpark without the chance of getting hit by a foul ball. ????

Fun and Games

Here’s the quality control team behind-the-scenes. Sidney approved.

Many Thanks to our Generous Sponsors!

The Awards


Supporter of the Year: DELTA FAUCET

They adopted an apartment, attended all of our events. They’ve done countless donation drives for our most urgent needs—from quarters to boxes of mac & cheese, this partner is taking such close care of our individuals and families. They serve as volunteers, both individual and as groups. Once, they caught me and gave me a handful of calendars because they thought that our residents might enjoy them. They have Coburn on their hearts in big ways and small ways is what we’re getting at here, and we appreciate them so much! We’re so proud to announce Delta Faucet as Supporters of the Year!


Supporter of the Year: IUPUI CAPSTONE COURSE

For almost 2 years, Dr. Lisa Contino has been partnering her Psychology Capstone Course with Coburn Place. Each semester, the best and brightest students come to us with amazing skills, and unending work ethic. They dream big—planning career fairs for our kiddos, stress relief brochures, college info guides—but they also do the unsung work of making our building beautiful and well-equipped for our residents. This could mean working in our Children’s Services program. This means sorting, cleaning, organizing, running here and there. Often times they don’t know what they’re getting into each day that they arrive for a shift. They work hard with all staff they encounter, and they leave having made Coburn Place a better, brighter, more beautiful place. We appreciate these students and their amazing, incomparable professor Lisa, so much! They are a lynchpin and a dugout full of Coburn All-Stars. Thanks for all your hard work this year and this semester. We’d love to present the Supporter of the Year Award to the IUPUI Capstone Course.


Grand Slam Award: JODY LONG

The Grand Slam in baseball refers to a move where a batter hits a home run when the other three bases were already loaded, thus scoring 4 runs altogether, the most possible in one play. There’s efficiency implied, but also multiplication, and abundance. A player who uses skill to bring in extra points. At Coburn, we think of the Grand Slam in a similar way. Someone who goes above & beyond, who uses resources they already have to connect and engage others with Coburn Place! This Grand Slam Award recipient does just that. She has connected her company, her church, and her family with Coburn Place. She supports us with creative and consistent volunteer and resource drives, meeting our most urgent needs. Recently we were out of quarters (a big problem for our residents who are stretching their laundry budgets) and we got a call from this volunteer saying she had a surprise for us. She’d organized a drive that raised $500—probably more than a year’s worth of funds for our residents!! She does it all, and she does it all with a smile and with a heart that just overflows with kindness and consideration! We appreciate her! So this year, we are pleased to award Jody Long with our “Grand Slam” Award.



This volunteer is a jack of all trades, a team player, appreciated across departments and throughout the whole building. She’s helped out at fairs, assisted with programs for residents. She carries in donations and does administrative work for our Direct Services team. She’s going to be taking on a new role as a Coburn intern this summer! And, she makes the best cupcakes in the whole world. You probably know that already, since you’re eating them right now. If that isn’t the definition of an MVP, we don’t know what is.  We’re presenting Erin Wuertz with our MVP Award for the 2016 year for many reasons. She’s reliable and thorough, she’s resilient and inventive when solving problems. Even when it seems like we’ve given her too many projects, she comes back asking for me. She stays until the projects are done, and her presence is a joy to all that are around her!

Suzy Stocky Award: JOAN SOLLER

Suzy Stocky, a beloved Coburn Place employee and friend, was a whirlwind of positivity, kindness and determination to get things done. This award is presented to a volunteer who embodies Suzy Stocky’s buoyant spirit—a volunteer who possesses boundless optimism, who goes the extra mile to meet our residents’ (and staff’s!) needs.

It’s no surprise who we’re presenting this award to this year, because she is truly a joy to all who encounter her. She finds ways to meet needs both big and small. Connecting Coburn with groups to come serve, connecting Coburn with think tanks of volunteers to mine for feedback regarding programs. Often times her work is behind the scenes—strategically planning—but she always sweetens it by dropping by with Girl Scout cookies and a smile. She’s present, she’s involved. Her impact is meaningful and well felt through the organization. What would we do without our fearless board chair, Joan Soller? Joan, we appreciate you and would like to present you with the 2016 “Suzy Stocky” Award.


Volunteer of the Year: EMILY SHROCK

We could really say that this is Volunteer of the Past Ten Years. She started as an intern and from day one she’s been invaluable. She works the front desk, she organizes and takes lead on our Silent Auction (a huge undertaking) every year at CoburnFest!. She helped start, implement, and plan a fun and vibrant Young Professional committee this year. She’s a connector, she gets more done in the day than Beyonce, she’s inexhaustible and one of the most reliable people we’ve ever met. She has that amazing gift of both being able to dream big ideas, while also knowing how to build processes and details to make those dreams happen. She advocates for us in the community, and without her we wouldn’t ever have a shot at winning the World Series. We appreciate her work so much. Thank you, Emily Shrock, for all you do! We’re so pleased to present you with 2016’s “Volunteer of the Year” Award.

Lifetime Achievement Award: MARCIA REED

Read all about Marcia’s history of service with Coburn Place.

Without your support, there would have been nothing to celebrate. Thank you for sharing your time, talent and treasure to help our families succeed! Read more about the impact you’re making in your 2016 Impact Report.

So, what’s your story? We’d love to know why you support Coburn Place.


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