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Everyone Needs a Carrie
16th May


Everyone Needs a Carrie

Think of the person who’s always there for you. The one who listens when you’re having a bad day. Or a good one. The one who gives the best advice. Or just lets you vent when you can’t take any more.

Now imagine that your partner has forbidden you from contacting your go-to confidant. This is one of many ways abusers control their victims – they isolate them.

34 year-old “Maya” knows this firsthand. She was able to escape her abusive partner. She even got her own apartment as part of the Coburn Place community-based housing program. She’s working on reconnecting with friends and family, but it takes time to mend relationships. Sometimes she feels so lonely, having only her toddler to talk to. But your support gave Maya much more than a new home. You gave her Carrie, too.

Carrie is Maya’s Coburn Place Advocate. Her office is lined with inspirational sticky notes quotes, ready for any situation. She’s such a good listener. But it’s her no-nonsense approach to life and positive outlook that really make her such a trusted partner for those she serves. Her wisdom and her power lie in her ability to not just learn from her mistakes but to help others learn from them too.

Maya and Carrie are in touch frequently. Sometimes in person, others over the phone or email. Maya tells Carrie just about everything. She talks to Carrie like she would to her big sister. She lets Carrie say what needs to be said though, and follows through with her advice. Carrie is filling a big void in Maya’s life.

Maya shared that she felt she was being treated unfairly at work. Her supervisor was picking on her. Her frustration was escalating rapidly, and she was ready to quit. In her stern yet caring way, Carrie advised Maya to remain calm, be professional and give the situation more time. She reminded her that she had a good job, one that she definitely needed to take care of her young daughter. Carrie kept checking in periodically with words of encouragement.

One day Carrie answered the phone. On the other end was a high pitched squeal – “I got promoted!! And I get a raise!!” It was Maya. Her supervisor explained that she was testing her to see how she would handle herself. She passed with flying colors. Maya is now a supervisor herself. Without Carrie’s guidance this story would have a much different ending. Maya is grateful she has you and Carrie on her side. So are we. Everyone needs a Carrie, don’t we?


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