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Lemonade Stand: The Sweet Taste of Success
25th Jul


Lemonade Stand: The Sweet Taste of Success

In 2012, the Coburn kiddos held their first Lemonade Stand to earn money for back-to-school shoes. They raised a surprising $421. After a couple of lean years, they rebounded in 2014 with a total of $719. They haven’t looked back, and sales have skyrocketed ever since! Over the years the kids have changed, of course. But what hasn’t is the help they get from their friends – YOU! You’re not going to believe the total raised this year as you helped to #FillUpTheCup!

The lemonade stand added a second location last year, which opened again at the Charles Schwab office on the north side of Indy. Our young professionals group hosted a new third stand this year in front of Christ Church Cathedral on the Circle downtown. This organic growth along with the virtual online stand and your extreme generosity raised $10,156 – WOW!!

To say that the cup and our hearts are overflowing is an understatement! We can’t thank you enough for sending the kids back to school with the supplies, gear and self-confidence they need to succeed. Cheers to you!

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