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Supporter Spotlight: Olivia Hawbaker
14th Sep


Supporter Spotlight: Olivia Hawbaker

Olivia Hawbaker is a Citizens Energy Group employee who has become an invaluable friend. We first met Olivia when she came for a meeting representing Citizens. We knew right then that she was “too good to let go.”

You could say she is the fuel behind the connection between her company and Coburn Place. Olivia was instrumental in purchasing tickets to the Indians game, which raised nearly $800 for Coburn Place, and in rallying a large group to the back-to-school shoes lemonade stand downtown.

Olivia soon joined our Special Events committee and brought along her friend and co-worker, Emily Damian. She has secured so many great auction items and experiences for CoburnFest! (Look for a link to the auction coming soon!)

Once she’s off the clock, her commitment to Coburn Place doesn’t stop. She connected the children’s services department with the Indiana Water Environment Association (IWEA). They painted a rain barrel that was auctioned off at and IWEA event. Olivia bid on and won the Coburn kids’ rain barrel and gave it back to them.

Olivia volunteers on Saturdays. She is putting her engineering skills to use reorganizing our donation storage space and revamping our work order process. Her expertise is a perfect fit for these tasks.

We know that the “Energy” in Citizens Energy Group refers to gas and water, but we like to think of it as the vibrancy of its people. We are so grateful for all of Olivia’s energy and support!

Do you have skills that you would like to share? Check out our volunteer opportunities.

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