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Matters of the Heart
28th Sep


Matters of the Heart

When you buy a ticket to CoburnFest!, volunteer your time or donate your old toaster, you’re not just helping our families with their day-to-day needs. You’re helping them change their lives.

“Lindsay” and her 10 year-old son “Cameron” are perfect examples of this transformation. Lindsay is working hard, saving money and sticking to her budget. She volunteers at Cam’s school and exercises regularly. She’s taking care of herself. And she’s raising Cam to be a respectful young man. She keeps him active. He attended a science camp this summer. He loves to read, so he participates in a book club and the library’s reading program.

But the conversations she has with him are making the biggest impact.

She talks to him about what she calls “the real characteristics of a real man”. She asks him questions to understand his thought process and see what he thinks is right or wrong with regards to healthy relationships. Their discussions have been effective. She told her advocate, “I believe he has a good heart and will not put his hand on a woman because of the way I am raising him.

By giving them a safe and stable home, access to a full array of services and the support of Coburn Place staff, you’re providing Lindsay and Cam critical time and space for healing.

Together, we are breaking the cycle of violence. We’re one step closer to our vision of a world where every adult and child may live free from violence. That’s huge. Thank you for having a good heart and believing Lindsay, Cameron and EVERYONE deserves a safe home.

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