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A Thanksgiving Blessing
22nd Nov


A Thanksgiving Blessing

On the day before Thanksgiving, Coburn Place and the Martin Luther King Community Center have even more reasons to be grateful. Each agency received a sizable donation from the liquidation of the final assets of the Martin Luther King Community Development Corporation (MLKCDC). These gifts, $120,000 to support the Community Housing and Outreach program at Coburn Place and $60,000 to support the work at the Martin Luther King Community Center, celebrate the legacy of work of the MLKCDC’s founder, Reverend Charles Montgomery. In a touching ceremony, Rev. Montgomery gave the credit to the Lord, who he claimed worked through him and surrounded him with such good people.

Our hearts are so grateful to all those who made this gift and our past, present and future successes possible.

To learn more about the history of Coburn Place and the work of the MLKCDC, please read this press release.

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