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Happy Endings
18th Dec


Happy Endings

Every single day, your support is helping domestic violence survivors. Whether it’s help, a home or even hope, together you are writing new endings to their stories. “Shannon’s” book has many difficult chapters, including the abuse she’s suffered and the addiction that came as a result. It includes losing custody of her son “Evan” and even being incarcerated due to those addictions. Themes of dv, poverty, and desperation run throughout. But when she reached out for help, you were there.

Here’s how you are making life better for them.

Of all of the resources available, Shannon’s Coburn Place Advocate, Sam, tops the most valuable list.

Shannon takes her recovery seriously and continues to participate in an intensive outpatient program and Narcotics Anonymous. But without a car, getting to these meetings has been challenging. We’ve been able to offer bus passes, but our supply can be unpredictable. Sam referred her to a program that provides free transportation to these crucial meetings.

Sam also connected Shannon to the “Give Back a Smile” program to repair the damage to her teeth caused by her abuser. Shannon has submitted her application and will hopefully hear something soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

As you can imagine, therapy is a critical component to healing for domestic violence survivors. Both Shannon and Evan now see therapists regularly, which Sam was able to arrange.

Sam’s knowledge and expertise connect Shannon and her son to the services they need to move forward. But Sam’s compassion is every bit as important.

Shannon and Sam meet regularly, often more than once per week. Shannon worries that her current relationship is unhealthy and could cost her all she has worked so hard to achieve. Sam listens with a careful ear. She helps Shannon think about what a healthy relationship looks like. They look at her safety plan and revise it frequently. They talk about action steps that will help Shannon end her current relationship and steer clear of future dangerous situations. Sam encourages Shannon to participate in on-site services and to focus on the well-being of herself and her son.

And it’s working. Shannon trusts Sam’s counsel. Every day she grows stronger in her resolve to take back her life. Evan is excelling in school. He enjoys many of the activities provided through the Children’s Services program – especially the art and music classes. He is really looking forward to the fun of winter break camp!

When you think back about the times you’ve struggled in life, what comes to mind when you remember what got you through them? Most likely it was a person – someone who offered sage advice, a kind word or an understanding ear. People make the difference in life. And we are so grateful for the difference you make and the happing endings you’re helping to write. Here are some great ways to get involved!

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