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You never know who needs your light
5th Mar


You never know who needs your light

We love sharing stories with you. But it doesn’t get any more powerful than to hear someone tell their own. We hope you’ll join us at Blue & Gold Breakfast to hear Brianna tell hers. She is a remarkable young woman – a mother to two, a current Coburn Place resident, a dean’s list student and a thriving survivor. Let her tell you just how your support has made her journey possible. Tickets are limited and our sales end date is quickly approaching.

New this year, we’ll have survivors and ambassadors at each table. They’ll be able to answer questions you may have. They’ll tell you just why Coburn Place is important. If you can’t make it, consider sponsoring a survivor to share their experience. Seats are just $65 and we still need your help.

As Erin, former Coburn Place intern and now staff member, says, “Coburn Place is important to survivors because it not only provides a roof over their heads but it creates a community of people that can lean on each other when they need to. This community is vital to helping survivors rebuild and better their lives as they navigate through such a hard time.”

Just a few tickets remain and sales will end on 3/14/2018. Come be part of this community. Come for the bacon and the entertainment. Stay for the inspiration.


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