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Supporter Spotlight: TCC & TCC Gives
8th Mar


Supporter Spotlight: TCC & TCC Gives

Think of that group of friends that always has your back. You know, the ones that help you achieve those big dreams but then also jump right in with helping hands when the daily grind gets to be too much. TCC and TCC Gives fit that role – to a T. Yeah, we had to.

TCC is an authorized Verizon dealer. So, when TCC Gives employee and Coburn Place board member, Detra Mills (Read more about her awesomeness here.), looked for ways they could support our clients, she suggested donating smartphones. So they did. She quickly realized that after the 5GB data allotment ran out, without Internet access, that those phones weren’t so smart after all.

Enter Charles Randle, Infrastructure Director for TCC. He was tasked with getting WiFi access to this 100-year old building – a situation we believed to be a pipedream.

TCC donated wireless transponders to broadcast the WiFi signal throughout the building. The challenge with this “wireless” internet was that the transponders need to be wired to the router. And it was determined that we would need 12 access points throughout the building for these devices. Charles reached out to his friend Sam Taylor of Dave Taylor Electric. Sam and Dave agreed to donate not only the cable but the installation too. The combined financial value of this gift is $9800. The value to our families is truly priceless.

Charles and his team also set-up donated PCs from closed TCC stores for all Coburn Place staff. Some of our PCs were nearly 10 years old!

Last December during the busiest week of the year, a group of TCC volunteers helped bring in and process donations.  We estimate that by being here that day, they more than doubled the amount of donations we were able to accept and swiftly distribute to our clients. The value of the donations received just that day alone was almost $10,000. And they even bought pizza for staff.

Just when we thought they couldn’t top themselves, our friends from TCC and TCC Gives agreed to be the Presenting Sponsor at this year’s Blue & Gold Breakfast with a $15,000 gift – WOW!

It’s impossible to express the deep gratitude we feel for our TCC/TCC Gives friends. We are truly blessed by your support. It means more than you could know.

To hear how much the different ways you help our families mean, join us at Blue & Gold Breakfast. Coburn Place resident, Brianna, will gladly share with you her story.



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