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Best. Breakfast. Ever.
7th Apr


Best. Breakfast. Ever.

We promised you an inspirational morning, and YOU delivered for us. Because your generosity, together we raised more than $120,000 to empower domestic violence survivors like Brianna! Thank you for making Blue & Gold Breakfast our most successful event EVER.

Isn’t Brianna amazing?! It’s true that her incredible drive fuels her success, but she couldn’t have done it alone. She said, “Coburn Place has saved me, and it has saved my kids. I know that, without a doubt, if I didn’t go to Coburn Place, I would’ve kept the vow to myself to stay with a man who was abusing me. I also know, without a doubt, that I never would’ve taken the time to truly heal and process all of these events in my life.” That is life-changing support – made possible by you. (Read her whole story or watch the video.)

And when Coburn Place board member, Jennifer Magley, asked you to give just an inch more, you gave a mile. She predicted, “It will make a world of difference as it compounds over time.”

Brianna and her family are the dividend.

By furthering her education, paying off evictions, buying a reliable car, working and dreaming of opening her own program to serve survivors – she’s creating a bright future for herself and her kids. By breaking the cycle of violence for them, she’s creating a future equally as bright for their kids. That creates a better future for us all.

Thank you for believing that everyone deserves a safe home.

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