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Creating a Home
26th Apr


Creating a Home

All our friend Adam Clevenger wanted for his birthday was for his friends to make a gift to Coburn Place. He set up a fundraiser on Facebook and chose a goal of $250 with a promise to match that $250.

What happened in a matter of hours was an exciting outpouring of generosity and love!

The donations kept racking up. So Adam upped his goal to $1500. He wanted them to sponsor an apartment. And they came through – big time. Together, they donated $1839!

They recently came to Coburn Place to set-up an apartment for a new family, but what they really did was create a beautiful, safe home for a family in desperate need of one. So much gratitude to Adam, his wife Jess and their family and friends for believing that everyone deserves a safe home.

As Adam told his crew, “Behind every door, in every room, in the lives of people we will never meet, there are people giving hope and helping a family start anew. You are those people, thank you!


You can get involved too!

Learn more about the Coburn Place Apartment Sponsorship program here.

Learn how to set up your own Facebook fundraiser in just 30 seconds.

And take a peek at the awesome job Adam did on his Facebook fundraiser

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