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Building Dreams. Enhancing Lives.
24th May


Building Dreams. Enhancing Lives.

Three years ago, our friends at David Weekley Homes told us that they could make an age-old dream come true – they were going to renovate 10 kitchens in our resident apartments. And they did. They created new spaces where twenty-year-old falling apart cabinets were the norm, for families who need it the most.

The next year, they doubled-down on that promise and did 12 more.

They just wrapped up year three. To say that we’re overwhelmed is the understatement of the year.

With the help of friends from Miller-Eads CompanyHope Plumbing and Citizens Energy Group, the David Weekley Homes crew –completed that original dream. They renovated the final 13 kitchens.

In three years’ time, they gave ALL thirty-five of our onsite apartments brand new kitchens.

We all know that kitchens are the heart to a home, the place of warmth of gathering. Where family recipes are passed down, where the smell of familiar food wafts through the rooms and make people feel at home and safe.

We know that when families walk into their new home (often times after a year of homelessness) and close that door behind them for the first time, the first thing they do is open up a cabinet, find it filled with food, and make dinner for themselves and their children.

And now we know those kitchens are new, beautiful, built with love and care, because David Weekley Cares.

But they didn’t stop there. They never do. They set-up two apartments for new families. They spread mulch, planted veggies and pulled weeds. They even surprised the kiddos with a new swing set!

Their dedication, devotion and meticulous planning have been unparalleled. To say we’re grateful isn’t even a drop in the bucket. Thank you, friends, for making dreams come true, for partnering for years to chip away at this huge endeavor, for caring about families and individuals who need a safe home, a new start, and a place to find warmth and abundance.



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