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The Hardcore Truth
25th May


The Hardcore Truth

You might think that once a housing client receives the keys to their new home, that our work is nearly finished.

In fact, it’s just beginning.

It is not unusual for domestic violence survivors to have low credit scores, evictions, unpaid bills or even felonies as a result of their abusive partner. These issues can be big barriers to finding safe, permanent housing. But thanks to you, Coburn Place clients don’t have to go it alone.

Because of your support, our Housing and Hospitality Coordinator, Talia, is there to help clients get past their barriers to independent living.

Talia has a network of landlords, apartment complexes and housing resources to offer. Even more importantly, she has the knowledge to get clients over their hurdles with the perfect balance of empathy and urgency. She’s like a coach that pushes an athlete to dig deeper and then is their biggest fan cheering them on when they succeed.

Sometimes it’s as simple as driving a client to visit properties to make sure they feel safe. Other times it’s as intense as assisting a client in expunging a felony.

When one client was having trouble finding a job and resisting the thought of working in fast food, Talia had some sage advice. She told her, “Do it for a while. You be the best French fry girl there this – period, dot.” They shared a good laugh with a healthy dose of reality and encouragement. A true advocate’s magic.

Pouring hardcore truth into our clients, that’s what I’m known for around here,” shared Talia. “I meet them where they’re at and build on that! If they allow me, I’ll push them to the limit.”

For Coburn Place resident, “Melissa”, it was developing a robust plan to increase her credit score.

In October, Melissa and her kids will have completed their 2 years in the program. She has taken many steps toward creating a new life – therapy, budgeting, computer skills and more. After attending a Rent Smart session with Talia, she realized the importance of her credit score in finding housing.

Talia explained the differences between banks and credit unions. She helped Melissa understand her options for low-income, affordable housing. Together they submitted applications. Talia advised Melissa to get a credit card and spoke to her about making responsible purchases. She talked to her about refinancing her high interest car loan. Melissa is taking Talia’s advice to heart.

They set up monthly meetings with homework in between. Melissa has been so excited to make her plan work. So much so that she even wanted to meet when she was so sick she couldn’t make into to work.

That’s the kind of drive Talia instills in her clients. “I have a strong desire to see every last client win! It’s something about the underdog that grabs my attention. Ha! I’m sure that it has everything to do with me being one myself.” Make that top dog, Talia; you’re a champ.


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