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Supporter Spotlight: Indigo
19th Jul


Supporter Spotlight: Indigo

Lemonade is cool and all, but what if it had a kick?! Enter Indigo and the most fun anyone ever had at a lemonade stand and doing good for their community.

Indigo is the Coburn Place young professionals group. They are twenty-/thirty-somethings who organize and host fundraising events, volunteer, raise awareness and cultivate new members to advocate for the Coburn mission. They do important work. And they have a lot of fun. Just ask them.

Emily Shrock is the Indigo Chair. She’s no newcomer to Coburn Place. She’s been volunteering for more than 10 years! From front desk support to special events committee, Emily has worn a lot of hats. But chairing Indigo has been “the most personally rewarding experience to date,” she told us. “We formed this group about a year and a half ago and hosted our first fundraiser within 3 months of our start. I was so impressed by the attendance and amount of money we raised. But more importantly, I continue to be impressed by the engagement of fellow young professionals in spreading awareness about Coburn and continuing to support all our ventures to further its mission.”

To date, those events have included a give-back night at Tappers Arcade Bar, an Empower Hour conversation at Books & Brews in Broad Ripple, walking in the Indy Pride parade, staffing a booth at a Bon Iver concert, working the downtown Lemonade Stand and running the inaugural Spiked Lemonade Sale, their brainchild. They have raised more than $10,000 in their short existence!

Vice Chair, Tyler Cobb, and Secretary, Lauren Laski, both recall one of the first Indigo meetings as a special moment. The group worked together to set-up and decorate an apartment for a family about to move in. Lauren said, “You would think that the most time consuming part would have been moving the heavy furniture items in, but no, it was picking out all the little decorative details—pictures, decorative pillows, art pieces—that turned the apartment into a home. Everyone there was so intentional about wanting to make that space a lovely, comfortable, safe oasis for its next inhabitant. I don’t know who was more proud of that finished apartment, Indigo or the resident! In that moment, I knew I was surrounding myself with the right people and the right organization.”

For Tyler it really hit home while attending Blue & Gold Breakfast. Listening to the survivor speaker emotionally describing seeing her apartment for the first time made Tyler realize the impact of their work. “I truly appreciated the opportunity to set that apartment up, hearing about the sense of safety she felt and seeing it fully furnished with everything she could possibly need, right down to the cupboard being stocked.  It’s a moment that always reminds me of how much I, and most people, take for granted on a daily basis.”

If all of these reasons aren’t enough to entice you to join, here are just a few more.

Top 5 Reasons to join Indigo:

5)  Grow your network by getting to know and work with other young professionals from all types of backgrounds.

4) Learn what giving back and supporting a non-profit on a consistent basis is all about.

3) Help your community and make a tangible difference in the community. (dollars raised and hours volunteered)

2) Make an impact on the self-sufficiency of individuals and families affected by domestic violence.

1) Surround yourself with people who work hard and play hard by joining the best YP group in Indy!

As Lauren said, “From day one, I have been so impressed that Indigo is comprised of people who are a lot of fun to be around, but more importantly are willing to put in the work to get things done. But there’s always more work to be done and parties to be thrown, which is why we need you!

Want more info? Get in touch with Julie Henson, Community Engagement Director, and learn more.

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