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You Poured Your Heart Into Filling Up the Cup!
23rd Jul


You Poured Your Heart Into Filling Up the Cup!

The Lemonade Stands were incredible – from the North side to Fletcher Place and from start to finish. Thank you for every sip you take and gift you make! The thing is, this is about more than shoesWay more.

It’s about self-esteem, teamwork and healing from the effects of violence and homelessness. Your gifts mean more than you know.

So many thanks to everyone who bought lemonade (real or virtual), stood on the street and shouted to passersby, served drinks and treats, solicited sponsorships, spread the word and poured their heart into filling up the cup! We love you!

Be sure to check out our Instagram story from the day of for some really fun memories!

**UPDATE 7/30/2018** YOU DID IT!! You were able to #FillUpTheCup and overflow our hearts!


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