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Pouring It On For the Kiddos
26th Jul


Pouring It On For the Kiddos

We are overflowing with gratitude. In about a week’s time, you opened your hearts and your wallets to the tune of $17,881 to support kids who need it most. Kids like Myron.

Watch this story by Rafael Sanchez of RTV6. You’ll see just how special he is.He’s thoughtful, kind and polite. He radiates joy and positivity.

But he hasn’t always seen the glass half full. 

Myron’s mom was involved with an abusive partner. She gave up a lot of control over her life. But she knew instantly that she had to escape when he hit her in front of Myron. Let’s be clear; her maternal instincts are strong.

Like many survivors, they bounced around between family and friends while waiting for their Coburn Place home. She met a man who said he wanted to help. They moved in with him only to find themselves in the same situation.

Again they fled, relying on others for a place to live.

And waiting some more.

Six months after applying to the Coburn Place program, Myron and his mom finally moved into their own home. Safe – yes and no.

Myron and his mom no longer had to fear violence in their home. School was another story. It’s never easy being the new kid in class, especially toward the end of the year. Myron was a bully’s target.

Myron’s mom sprung to action, just like a lioness protecting her cub. She wasted no time in contacting the principal and making sure steps were in place to keep her son safe.

With a referral from Jacqueline, her Coburn Place advocate, she found a therapist for Myron. He participates in weekly sessions. She is searching tirelessly for a job and delving deep into services. She is meeting regularly with Jacqueline, attending domestic violence support groups and learning the red flags of unhealthy relationships.

Myron benefits so much from children’s services, including daily summer camp. Once while on a field trip, the campers got caught in a major downpour. Soaking wet when they returned, everyone was sent home to change. Myron told staff that he was wearing his only pair of shoes.

Thanks to you, he now has more than one pair. Your support is also giving him the self-confidence and skills he needs to succeed. With you and his mom pouring it on for him, Myron will thrive.

Didn’t get a chance to help? It’s not too late to get the kiddos to their goal of $20,000.

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