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Supporter Spotlight: Northview Church
18th Sep


Supporter Spotlight: Northview Church

Coburn Place is thrilled to partner with Northview Christian Church! During their 2017 Good Neighbor Weekend, they brought 16 hard-working volunteers and a variety of in-kind donations. We look forward to them joining us for an even bigger project involving even more volunteers this year!

They’ll join us again in October to plant 250 bulbs and assist with a final property cleanup to prepare for next spring. We’re so thankful for Marcia Baker, a Coburn Place volunteer, Charles Schwab employee and member of Northview Christian Church, for being the on-site team leader for Good Neighbor Weekend and all-around awesome person! Marcia is deeply involved at Coburn Place throughout the year as a dedicated volunteer and goes above and beyond before and during their annual event to coordinate her team and prepare for their service project.

On top of all that, since Spring 2017, Northview generously awarded Coburn Place two of their Outreach Grants totaling $2800 to purchase IndyGo bus passes for survivors connected to Coburn Place. Thank you Northview, for providing reliable transportation for our growing community to get to work, to the doctor, to school, to worship, to the grocery – in other words, to live life.

Want to get your place of worship involved? Contact Jen Hund,, to learn more.

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