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Supporter Spotlight: Tupelo Raycom
17th Oct


Supporter Spotlight: Tupelo Raycom

If you’re a collegiate sports fan, you’ve most likely heard of our friends, Tupelo Raycom. They broadcast live sporting events across all of the major networks. Like many companies they support non-profits. But it’s the “why” and “how” that makes them unique.

John Fritz, Senior Director of Remote Location, told us, “We decided to prioritize creating a partnership to work in a more structured way – something we could plan ahead for and build momentum and excitement/personal buy in from our team.” From that desire, they looked to their own work. Like all of us, they realized that domestic and sexual violence is such a common problem on college campuses. Digging deeper, they learned that collegiate athletes are involved an alarmingly high number of these assaults. John said, “This is unacceptable, and hits so close to home with what we do. We wanted to be a part of something that helps victims of these staggering realities.”

John knew of Coburn Place through his wife, Whitney, a member of Indigo, our young professionals group. Our partnership was born.

John explained, “We alternate months throughout the year, one month we have a service date followed by a ‘drive month.’ The (wish list) drive collections have been a lot of fun, and have created some competition among our staff! The service date is a wonderful way for our folks to see all the good that Coburn does, where their donations go, and the overwhelming sense of community and kindness that Coburn fosters. Each time we have ‘newbies’ out for their first service day, we take a tour and they are always blown away by how comprehensive Coburn’s services are, and the impact/reach that they have.”

With several service days under their belts, they’ve had some memorable moments. As an apartment sponsor, their first volunteer experience was setting up a new home. It takes a while to learn the lay of the land – where the pantries are located and which room holds which items. John recalls it being “a treasure hunt” trying to stock the apartment. Once they got their bearings, they completely got into it. He said, “Several of us are fathers and started getting really passionate about what bedding sets and decorations work best for a girls room, boys room, etc.” They finished without a minute to spare! John said, “The apartment looked great, and gave us an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.  It was so encouraging to see our group not just finish a ‘task’, but to take ownership right out of the gates and do things as if it were for their own home, their own children.”

Another time a group of four “not exactly an arts and crafts dream team” – John’s words here – were tasked with creating decorations for staff in celebration of non-profit appreciation week. Another catch, this was a large wall piece that couldn’t be assembled ahead of time. But they rocked it, and we all loved our beach-themed wave of love! As John pointed out, “We have had a lot of fun and a totally unique experience each time we are there.”

They all travel a lot and don’t get much of chance to hang out together. But when they do, you’ll find them in front of a big game. Afterwards, it’s on to the Monkey’s Tail in Broad Ripple to light up the karaoke stage.

John finished with these thoughts, “We are so proud of our staff for taking on this partnership with so much enthusiasm and selflessness.  Each of us travel heavily for work, sometimes multiple trips in a week.  It’s so easy to look at those two or three days you may be home, and simply focus on yourself.  ‘What do I need to do, what do I want…?’ Our staff has shown that rather than focus on themselves during their travel gaps, they look outward to help others. We have an incredibly young and talented group, and we hope that their generosity and passion for doing good continues and rubs off on their own friends and families.” It certainly does and inspires us so much. They help our families and staff feel so well cared-for. We’re so grateful for the hands and hearts of Tupelo Raycom!

Want get your company or team involved in doing good works together? Contact Julie at to find out more.


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