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A Higher Calling
25th Oct


A Higher Calling

Substance abuse often plays a role in intimate partner violence. Sometimes it’s a way for the victim to cope. Other times it’s the abusive partner forcing or coercing the victim to use. Just one more way to exert control.

This was the case for Trinity. Until you answered her call. Then she found a higher calling.

Trinity was addicted to heroin and crack because of her abuser. The physical and mental abuse he inflicted were severe. After she had left him for good, she returned for some belongings. He retaliated by knocking out many of her teeth. It seemed like his control would never loosen.

But Trinity is strong. She made the decision to leave and to quit drugs. While spending ten months waiting for her Coburn Place apartment, she entered a treatment facility. She also suffers, not surprisingly, from many mental health challenges. Faithfully, she has stuck to her medications. She also started participating in addiction recovery program. Her sponsor became a trusted support.

Once she moved into her Coburn home, her resilience and determination continued to carry her forward. With wonderful donated household items, Trinity finally had the chance to make HER home reflect her personality – bold and cheerful. Jacqueline, her Advocate, has been a true partner in her journey and connected her to many resources. She’s completed several job training programs through community partners. The Give Back a Smile program provided her with free dental care, restoring her teeth and her smile. With support from the Domestic Violence Network and her savings, she bought a car.

She’s not been without setbacks. She saves money in spurts. Her generous nature tends to give it away far too frequently.

But that same generosity has allowed her to come full-circle. She recently celebrated two years of sobriety. By answering a higher calling within herself, she now volunteers answering calls for that same addiction recovery program. Amazing, don’t you think?! We’re so proud of your success and the way you’ve walked your own path to healing, Trinity. You go, girl!

Thank you for answering Trinity’s call when she needed help. Now she can pay it forward by answering the calls of others.

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