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Supporter Spotlight: Leslie Mayo
21st Nov


Supporter Spotlight: Leslie Mayo

For a lot of people during the holidays, “Mayo” is what you put on your turkey sandwich the day AFTER Thanksgiving. But for us, we are reminded of our sweet friend, Leslie Mayo. Leslie, her partner Deondra and their kids have donated turkeys to Coburn Place families in the days leading UP TO Thanksgiving for several years. In fact, they’ve tripled their gifts since starting five years ago!

Leslie knows what it’s like to struggle financially. Finances were really tight while she was studying to become a nurse. Once she found a job, she shared “I wanted to give of my good fortune to others who needed a helping hand. It’s also something I’ve instilled in my kids.”

In their family, memories of celebrations centered around food much more so than gifts. So they decided that donating Thanksgiving turkeys would be a wonderful way to honor their family’s traditions and support those in need.

A social worker friend suggested Coburn Place. Having personal connections to our mission made their choice a perfect match. Leslie was glad to be able to support survivors in their journeys. “I was SO happy the first year that Coburn said yes – I was having difficulty finding a place that would accept a donation like this for an individual (not an organization) and was really excited to be told YES,” Leslie recalled.

What started out as a gift of 50 turkeys has grown into a blessing of 150 birds! Leslie shares the bounty with other organizations too, but we always look forward to seeing her and Deondra and sharing their kindness.

Family is really important to Leslie. She’s all about spending time with her kids. Knowing that her gifts add to all of the support families at Coburn Place receive is what keeps her coming back. And Leslie and her family keep making it back on the list of what we’re grateful for each year.

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