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The Magic of You
26th Nov


The Magic of You

Here’s a story of what Coburn Place is all about. It was 6pm the day before Thanksgiving. Carrie, Community Housing and Outreach Coordinator, had just helped a client, “Hannah,” sign a lease. Hannah had a safe home, but it was empty. Literally just a sheet on the floor.

Carrie turned to her client and apologized that she was going to have an empty apartment for Thanksgiving. Hannah said to her, “I’m safe. I’ve got four walls, and I’m warm.”

But because of you, because of the incredible, unbelievable magic of our supporters, Hannah’s Thanksgiving story didn’t end there.

Carrie came back to Coburn Place. Met by volunteers, Tami, our home-good pantry coordinator and Ella, a freshman in high school, they loaded up cart after cart of home goods, food, toiletries, blankets, a microwave. Whatever they could fit in Carrie’s car.

They paused to take a picture, so we could share this with you, the night before Thanksgiving, and say THANK YOU. This is what your support is making happen. Providing advocates like Carrie to support Hannah. Providing resources like what’s on these carts. Offering your time and talent like Ella and Tami.

Of course Carrie called to check on Hannah the next day. Because first steps are hard, and holidays sometimes exacerbate pain. Because Carrie is walking this journey ALONGSIDE Hannah. And she won’t stop.

Our hearts are overflowing. Thank you for making our mission possible. Thank you for helping Hannah feel at home.

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