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Makes Perfect Sense
3rd Dec


Makes Perfect Sense

Put yourself in these shoes for a minute. You lost your job because you missed too many days from injuries caused by your abuser. You can’t even imagine why someone would hire you anyway. Your bank account is depleted. Your brakes need replacing and your kid needs new shoes. You cry more nights than not. You don’t even have a place to live – bouncing between shelters and friends’ couches. Where do you even begin?

Hopefully, you find your way to Coburn Place, like Hannah, in this Thanksgiving story, did.

As part of the community-based housing program, Coburn clients start working with an advocate to find housing of their choice before anything else. It’s a concept called DV Housing First. It’s pretty simple really. When survivors are stably housed, it makes them better equipped to meet all of the other challenges they are facing. It makes perfect sense, right?

Then with support from people like you, an advocate will help each client work toward their own goals and face those barriers head on. In 2018, you’ve housed 60 adults and 64 kids along this journey. So awesome. So grateful.


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