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Talk About a Success Story
20th Nov


Talk About a Success Story

Tracy Clark has come full circle.

A former program participant at Coburn Place, Tracy recently returned. But in the best way possible.

She teaches a Dance Therapy class to current residents. “It’s a mix of Zumba and Tony Robbins!” she says, referring to the one of the most successful life coaches in the country. “We dance, stretch, and talk.” The first session included five participants, and Tracy’s natural effervescence flowed through the hour-long class.

Upbeat and slow songs were interspersed with sitting down to chat. Some of the ladies hadn’t exercised in a while and the conversation skewed towards that: the importance of self-care. Some of it was about kids. None really about Coburn. That’s were they all were, but that wasn’t the focus.

And it easily could have been, since all of them had stories to tell. Tracy’s story was typical only in that it is so hard to believe it happened. This confident, smart, driven woman is not the perception many people have of an abuse survivor. But yet, she is. A few years ago, she arrived at Coburn with two sons: 14-year old Adrian and 18-month old Jordan.

Tracy’s stay at Coburn

She was fleeing an abuser whose mistreatment and exploitation was doled out slowly at first. Tracy worked for her abuser’s company, where the financial abuse began. He cut her off from the income. Emotional abuse was constant, for her and her young son Adrian. Eventually the abuse turned physical.

“The relationship was rock bottom for me,” said Tracy. “It was the worst thing and the best thing. I had to cut off everything to get away, which created space for healing.”

Coburn helped Tracy stabilize. Group therapy, financial literacy classes, programs for the children: Tracy took advantage of it all.

Holiday season

During one of the scariest times of her life, Coburn was there for her, and what Tracy didn’t anticipate was the outpouring of love and generosity during the holidays.  “My kids had a better Christmas at Coburn than I could have dreamed of!” says Tracy. “I had a tree and decorations in my apartment. We had a Christmas event where dozens of trees were brought in, and my kids and I picked one out. It was overwhelming. My boys had a normal Christmas!”

Coming full circle

The time at Coburn allowed Tracy to get her life together. She moved out an on with her life, eventually meeting and marrying Robert. Together they founded a non-profit organization, Clark and Clark. The company helps other people with the non-profit start-up process.  The boys, her life, her business are all on the right track,  and she felt she could give back to Coburn through her dance therapy classes.

“To be able to connect to women going through what I have overcome, is a dream come true! If one person is inspired by my story, my mission is complete,” says Tracy.

There are more stories like Tracy’s yet to be told. Consider a donation to help another survivor break the cycle of abuse. Donate HERE.

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