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3 Ways You Can Support Coburn Place
18th Dec


3 Ways You Can Support Coburn Place

During this busy time of year, staying in the spirit of the season can be difficult. It can be hard to stay merry with back-to-back social engagements. But aiming your goodwill and resources toward worthy causes can nourish your spirit. 

Yet our patrons and volunteers often tell us they get more than a boost to their well-being when they volunteer or donate. By donating or volunteering your time to Coburn Place, you strengthen our mission — to ensure everyone has a safe home. Here’s some more information about how you can help:


Way to Help # 1 – Financial Support

Monetary donations to Coburn Place can be transformational. Financial support carries the power to change the lives of interpersonal abuse survivors. Here are a few examples of how we use monetary donations:

  • $15 could help give one night of safe haven for three family members.
  • $50 could go toward a Coburn Place Advocate who helps residents establish their plan for independence.
  • $150 could ensure that a Housing Specialist to help a resident secure safe, permanent housing.
  • $450 could provide one month of a safe haven for a family.
  • $6300 could go towards paying the utilities for the apartments of 35 families for an entire month.
  • $15,000 could potentially sponsor children’s services Summer Camp program for up to 50 children.

One of our goals for 2020 is to add even more advocate staff to manage Coburn Place’s sensitive and increasing caseloads. There’s four ways to donate money to us, by mail, by phone, online, and in person. We also offer options for matching gift, memorial, and IRA donations.


“How do I know if my donation is helping?”

13-month old “Avery” took her first steps in the Coburn Place lobby. It was a beautiful moment. Her mom, “Natalie,” and a circle of staff watched on, cheering in delight. But while Avery is growing up safe and happy, her future is still in jeopardy. Natalie, Avery, and her three siblings still need your support.

Your monetary gift to Coburn Place gives people like Natalie the support she needs to make a good life for her kids. She’ll be able to finish her studies, attain her GED, and clear her credit. Avery and her family will leave Coburn Place with a clean slate and new skills.


Way to Help #2 – Item Donation

In all likelihood, you have a few items lying about your home, which you’ve not used in the past year or more. These unused and unwanted items can make a significant impact on residents at Coburn Place, potentially allowing them to save their own resources for a special holiday.

This season, we have an urgent need for household items like toilet paper, paper towels, detergent, dryer sheets, and diapers. For more item donation ideas, please see our Holiday Wish List.



“Will this item help anyone at Coburn Place?”

For two years, Coburn Place has been nine-year-old “Sam’s” home, his safe haven. He has played here, grown here, learned here, and healed here. He has touched those same bricks countless times on his way to therapy class, to catch the school bus, or to come back home at the end of his day. 

But now Sam’s mom, Alessandra, is moving her family into a safe, permanent home. Because of your continued donations and support, Sam and his mom have the necessary items to live independently and safely. 


Way to Help #3 – Volunteer

There are many positive side effects to volunteer work, but at Coburn Place, we’re most grateful for your most valuable asset — your time. The hours you dedicate toward supporting our residents gain stability is beyond priceless. Your decision to volunteer at our sanctuary will change at least one person’s life.

Volunteer coordinators at Coburn Place can place you in a volunteer position that best matches your needs, personality, and your available time. But we also list open volunteer positions, which can give you the chance to help tutor children, assist with donations, and even work at Coburn Place engagement and events.



“How do I make a personalized impact?”

Nine-year-old “Mallory” loves to read and dance. Everyone describes her as fun-loving, bubbly, and kind. Mallory has special needs – she is autistic. She thrives with a more strict routine. But lived homeless for a time while escaping domestic violence with her family, which was particularly hard on her. When she arrived at Coburn Place, Mallory was withdrawn. Any little change to her schedule upset her, and she would be unable to recover for hours. 

She participated in our six-week kids’ summer camp program. At the beginning of summer, she was too terrified to skate. But with support from our volunteers and staff, she was zooming around like a pro in no time. Now she’s loving and devoted to her peers. The stable routine offered to her at Coburn Place has made her confidence grow.


Stay Involved

Even if you can’t participate through volunteer work or donations, Coburn Place offers alternative options that can make a meaningful impact. For example, apartment and event sponsorships are an excellent way for your company or group to make a collective difference. Apartment sponsorships offset the cost of housing our families at no charge to them. 

And Coburn Place events provide a wide range of opportunities for your company or group to get involved with sponsorship. We also offer a convenient place for friends and family to crowdfund for Coburn Place, 

Your gifts of money, essential items, and time over the past year have enabled us to help 247 adults and 289 children, received support from 2, 243 volunteers with over 7,325 volunteer man-hours, and place 45 people in permanent housing. 

And even if you can’t volunteer or donate at this time, we invite you to stay plugged in through our mailing list. Connect with us and share in our mission!

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