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Introducing a Unique Way to Help Survivors—Coburn Society
20th Mar


Introducing a Unique Way to Help Survivors—Coburn Society

Introducing a Unique Way to Help Survivors—Coburn Society


The longer a survivor waits for housing, the more likely they are to stay with an abuser—a choice that puts their life in continued danger.  While shelters save lives, housing ends homelessness. 


Introducing the Coburn Society

In an effort to better equip survivors with tools and resources for success, Coburn Place is honored to introduce Coburn Society—a special program for donors who contribute $1,000 or more per year.  

Members of this instrumental society were recently welcomed at the inaugural Coburn Society Vision Breakfast where Tracy Clark, a Coburn Place Board member, and former Coburn Place program participant, shared her survivor story.

“I think that I put everything on the table. I make sure I’m putting all my passions, all my stories —anything that would be inspiring and beneficial to anybody else,” she proudly stated.   

Tracy’s unwavering courage to overcome abuse and share her story is an inspiring example of the impact Coburn Society makes on countless survivors. 

Members provide key funding to Coburn Place’s most pressing needs and growth-minded goals, impacting hundreds of lives each year through safe housing and transformative programming.


Introducing a Unique Way to Help Survivors—Coburn Society

Recognizing the Special Commitment

Coburn Society members’ consistent, generous support provides safe housing and access to life-saving resources and programming. Every dollar contributed funds our most pressing needs and growth-minded goals, impacting hundreds of lives each year.

Coburn Society members also receive front-row access to unprecedented volunteer experiences and Coburn Place initiatives before they’re made public. Special experiences will include: 

  • Guided tours of Coburn Place
  • Opportunity to help set up an apartment
  • Invitation to participate in Children’s Services activities
  • Interactive Case Management Experience with our team
  • Tie-dye party with Ms. Teia and the Children’s Services team
  • A special Gratitude Dinner in the fall

We’re humbled to launch this society with an already exceptional membership. But our most urgent needs and growth means room remains to welcome generous supporters like you into this important group.


Introducing a Unique Way to Help Survivors—Coburn Society

Your Impact on Housing

Although we’ve come a long way in providing services and housing to those affected by violence, we still have a long journey ahead of us to minimize housing wait times.

There are currently 135 households standing by for one of Coburn Place’s 35 transitional housing units to open up—and many more after that. In 2019, Coburn Place was able to support 423 households in addition to providing financial, well-being, and self-sufficiency advocacy.  

Ambitious Plans for ‘20-’21

The collective impact of Coburn Society ensures continued safe housing and holistic support for survivors of interpersonal abuse. Since 2016, we’ve increased housing participation by 220 percent. 

Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of households currently needing support, we can’t yet lower the wait time for onsite housing. We know that for us to best support survivors and future survivors, Coburn Place must expand its services. 

Over the next two years, we are preparing to expand our well-being advocate and housing advocate teams, so they can better assist the growing number of Coburn Place program participants. We also plan to work on increasing our housing inventory options, by either building or renovating 40-70 apartment units in the coming months. 


How You Can Help

Ensuring every survivor gets into safe housing is critical, necessary, and not possible without the support of Coburn Society. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a member of the Coburn Society, please read this Partnership Package or reach out to Julie Henson.


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