Our Team

We are a dedicated and diverse group of people who value teamwork and work hard to support our mission and clients. 

Our Team
Our Team

Looking for a rewarding career that matters?

  • <Julia Kathary

    Julia Kathary

    Chief Executive Officer
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  • <Lara Chandler

    Lara Chandler

    Chief Operating Officer
  • <Shawnta Beverly

    Shawnta Beverly

    Vice President of Mission Impact
  • <Lauren Laski

    Lauren Laski

    Vice President of Development
  • <Amanda Acevedo

    Amanda Acevedo

    Property Manager
  • <Shametrius Bradley

    Shametrius Bradley

    Intake and Well-Being Advocate
  • <Violet Cundiff

    Violet Cundiff

    Mentor Supervisor
  • <Ruth Davis

    Ruth Davis

    Child Advocate
  • <Candra Dixon

    Candra Dixon

    Intake and Well-Being Advocate
  • <Carla Dixon

    Carla Dixon

  • <Jessica Dodson

    Jessica Dodson

    Housing Advocate
  • <Kim Easton

    Kim Easton

    Communications Manager
  • <Tim Eller

    Tim Eller

    Director of Technology
  • <Erika Eskridge

    Erika Eskridge

  • <Julie Henson

    Julie Henson

    Director of Donor Relations
  • <Sidney Hirsch

    Sidney Hirsch

    Grants Program Manager
  • <Ashlyn Hopkins

    Ashlyn Hopkins

    Intake and Well-Being Advocate
  • <Jenna Jones

    Jenna Jones

    Grants Program Associate
  • <Drew LaCroix

    Drew LaCroix

    Volunteer and Resource Coordinator
  • <Noel McClain

    Noel McClain

    Development Associate
  • <Clarissa Mills

    Clarissa Mills

  • <Amy Pierce

    Amy Pierce

  • <Monique Pompey

    Monique Pompey

    Leasing and Compliance Specialist
  • <Sam Ryan

    Sam Ryan

    Intake and Well-Being Advocate
  • <Sudha Sankar

    Sudha Sankar

    Impact and Innovation Design Consultant
  • <Ebony Scates

    Ebony Scates

  • <Teia Sherrell

    Teia Sherrell

    Children's Services Coordinator
  • <Dena Simpson

    Dena Simpson

    DV Housing First Coordinator
  • <Lily Spencer

    Lily Spencer

    Housing Advocate
  • <Will Turpin-Doty

    Will Turpin-Doty

    Director of Operations and Finance
  • <Jacqueline Willett

    Jacqueline Willett

    Intake and Well-Being Services Coordinator
  • <Dustin Williams

    Dustin Williams

    Maintenance Vendor, All-U-Need Professional Services
  • <Erin Wuertz

    Erin Wuertz

    Community Engagement Manager
  • Dr. Kathi Badertscher, Chair

    IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
  • Emily Shrock, Vice Chair

    Marion County Prosecutor’s Office
  • Jacob A. Brown, Secretary

    Fifth Third Bank
  • Sarah Mahaffa, Treasurer

    Bedel Financial Consulting Inc.
  • Leslie Bailey

    Indy Maven
  • Jenai Brackett

    Frost Brown Todd
  • Tracy Clark

    Clark and Clark
  • Frank Essien

    Lumina Foundation
  • Edward Freeman

    David Weekley Homes
  • Taffanee Keys

    The Keys Law Office
  • Courtney Kibble

    TCC Gives
  • Mohamed Merzoug

    IU Health
  • Jane Morrison

    Carmel Clay Public Library
  • Marissa Nielsen

    The Great American Songbook Foundation
  • Jessica Schnelker

  • Joan Soller

  • Dennis Cecil, Nonvoting Sustainer

    Woodforest National Bank
  • Dawn Higgins, Nonvoting Sustainer

    Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
  • Tracey Horth Krueger, Nonvoting Sustainer

    Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault, thk consultants inc.
  • Heather Moss, Nonvoting Sustainer

    Domestic Violence Consultant
24 Hours at the Coburn Place Front Desk
Talking with Ms. Teia
How Survivor-Led Advocacy Works
Supporter Spotlight – Meet Ed Johnson
Volunteer Spotlight – Apartment Set-Up with Cindy

Coburn Stories

24 Hours at the Coburn Place Front Desk

Our mentors work hard at our front desk – on the front lines. See what a typical day is like.

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Coburn Stories

Talking with Ms. Teia

Learn what the Coburn Place kids did in virtual summer camp and what Ms. Teia has planned for them for the school year.

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Coburn Stories

How Survivor-Led Advocacy Works

At Coburn Place, survivors are the captains of their own lives. Learn what that means.

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Coburn Stories

Supporter Spotlight – Meet Ed Johnson

Ed loves working with the kids at Coburn Place through School on Wheels. “He’s the kind of supporter who gives his whole heart and self to a mission.”

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Coburn Stories

Volunteer Spotlight – Apartment Set-Up with Cindy

Learn about an amazing volunteer and setting up a Coburn Place apartment with love.

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