Our Values

We work together for survivors.

Working together, we offer compassionate support and safe housing choices to survivors of domestic violence and their children. Here are the values we work under to support the mission we are so passionate about.

One Connected Team

We understand that to achieve our mission, we need to work together as one team. We:

  • Work hard to be on the same page
  • Actively breakdown silos because we are interconnected; communicate early and often
  • Believe the sum is greater than the parts
  • Are accountable for our own role
  • Give respectful and generous interpretation to others’ words and actions

Everyone is Welcome, Everyone Belongs

We believe this is a place for everyone – and that our diverse community makes us stronger. We:

  • Are actively inclusive
  • Are committed to learning and growing
  • Understand and are aware of our biases
  • See people holistically
  • Uplift different voices and perspectives
  • Treat others how they would like to be treated – with dignity, compassion and kindness

Open-Hearted Communication

We show up with authenticity by listening intentionally, sharing openly, and thinking the best of each other. We:

  • Start with kindness
  • Lean into difficult conversations
  • Provide and receive feedback gracefully
  • Ask for help and support
  • Show up with curiosity by asking good questions
  • Emphasize listening
  • Avoid gossip, passive-aggression and pot stirring passion and kindness

Think Differently

We cultivate a place where people are empowered to bring forth and execute new ideas that move us forward to a better future. We:

  • Are ready and excited to innovate
  • Are resourceful, tapping into various perspectives and strengths
  • Monitor and manage our capacity
  • Begin with a strengths-based approach
  • Listen with an open-mind
  • See mistakes as learning opportunities to further the mission