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A Dark Side of the Rainbow
16th Jun



Interpersonal Abuse in the LGBTQ+ Community The statistics are clear. People in the LGBTQ+ community face disproportionately high rates of intimate partner and sexual violence compared to cisgender, heterosexual people. “The issue is ...

5th Jun


Evansville highway sign

We’re more than the 35 apartments at Coburn Place. Survivors of interpersonal abuse receive housing support outside the walls of our building on 38th Street in Indianapolis. We also place survivors in housing in the greater ...

26th May


We say “survivor-led” a lot around Coburn Place, but what does that mean? It means we have many programs available to survivors, but we don’t require them to participate in any of them to receive help. We don’t reward them for ...

17th Apr


Image of Covid-19 virus

We’re answering the questions you’ve asked us about what we’re doing to help survivors while we’re under a stay-at-home order. Have you seen increased violence against survivors during the stay-at-home order and what are you ...

15th Apr


Providing for Children Survivors During COVID-19: An Interview with Teia Sherrell 

  The facts are clear: Domestic violence regularly happens parallel to child abuse and neglect. According to the Domestic Violence Network, children are witnesses in 77% of domestic violence reports. In fact, Prevent Child Abuse ...

4th Feb


Abusive relationships tend to melt over from one generation to the next. Children who witness domestic violence often externalize or internalize that behavior in adolescence. And because young people are burdened with limited ...

27th Jan


Three decades ago, domestic violence was still a taboo topic to discuss in public. “In 1994, when I began in the field of domestic violence,” remembers Julia Kathary, Coburn Place’s President and Executive Director, “the work ...

31st Oct


When Stephanie sat down to talk, she was near the end of her two-year stay at Coburn Place Safe Haven. It was a warm fall day and the interview took place at a picnic table. She spent the entire interview gently smoothing her hand back ...

25th Oct


  As we head towards the end of Domestic Violence Prevention Month, the new focus from awareness to  prevention was inspired by interviews from survivors in the Re-Centering Report compiled by the Indiana Coalition Against ...

13th Oct


We are in the middle of Domestic Violence Prevention Month, where we are shaping the conversation from not just awareness about issues surrounding domestic violence, but preventing it. Thanks to our friends at the Indiana Coalition ...