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A Hand Up: Julian’s Story
28th Sep


No child should have to go through the instability and violence that Julian and his brothers did. But fortunately, his mother made the courageous decision to leave. And then you had their backs. Listen to Julian tell his story as a ...

26th Jul


We are overflowing with gratitude. In about a week’s time, you opened your hearts and your wallets to the tune of $17,881 to support kids who need it most. Kids like Myron. Watch this story by Rafael Sanchez of RTV6. You’ll see ...

23rd Jul


The Lemonade Stands were incredible – from the North side to Fletcher Place and from start to finish. Thank you for every sip you take and gift you make! The thing is, this is about more than shoes. Way more. It’s about ...

28th Sep


When you buy a ticket to CoburnFest!, volunteer your time or donate your old toaster, you’re not just helping our families with their day-to-day needs. You’re helping them change their lives. “Lindsay” and her 10 year-old son ...

25th Jul


In 2012, the Coburn kiddos held their first Lemonade Stand to earn money for back-to-school shoes. They raised a surprising $421. After a couple of lean years, they rebounded in 2014 with a total of $719. They haven’t looked back, ...

15th Dec


You know what we love about children’s programming at Coburn Place? Because of your support, the kids have experiences that they wouldn’t have had without you. They get help healing and learn how not to continue the cycle. They get ...

14th Nov


Through a partnership with The Julian Center and the Domestic Violence Network we’ve developed a new 18 month program to offer domestic violence survivors support in the areas financial literacy, employment, education, ...

11th Jul


What an amazing day! Friends from all over the City stopped by to make sure the Coburn kiddos will have back-to-school shoes. And boy, did you! Our goal of $2,000 was completely shattered! As of 6:31pm on July 11, you have helped us ...

15th Jan


At Coburn Place, everyone is taking steps toward a brighter future, including 13 month old “Avery”. She recently started walking. Because of you, Coburn Place is the only home she’s ever known. We couldn’t be more grateful. ...

28th Oct


It’s safe to say that our Youth Activity Rooms are the most used and well-loved of our community spaces. This special area is getting a much needed makeover with huge thanks to the Lilly Endowment, Inc.! With grant funds we are ...