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How Coburn Place Prioritizes Well-Being Advocacy: An Interview with Jacqueline Willett
9th Mar


Jacqueline Willett

To better serve survivors, Coburn Place recently reorganized our programming to address both the well-being and housing needs of individuals. Jacqueline Willett, our Intake & Well-Being Services Coordinator, explains her new role ...

17th Feb


Rapid Rehousing Indiana: A Conversation with Laura Berry - Interview with Coburn Place Safe Haven

Rapid Rehousing helps survivors escape interpersonal abuse by providing them with a safe, permanent housing solution with advocate support and short-term rental assistance. The model gives survivors the chance to gain self-sufficiency ...

27th Jan


Three decades ago, domestic violence was still a taboo topic to discuss in public. “In 1994, when I began in the field of domestic violence,” remembers Julia Kathary, Coburn Place’s President and Executive Director, “the work ...

21st Mar


As many of you know, Steve and I are adventurers at heart – for the past 5 years, we look forward to our bicycle tours that take us out of our comfort zone and send us out into the world with all we need in a few bags on our ...

10th Jan


For Immediate Release Date: January 11, 2019 Contact: Julia Kathary, Coburn Place Executive Director 317-923-5750, office; 317-340-4731, mobile Coburn Place Safe Haven awarded Lilly Endowment $2.5 million ...

3rd Dec


Put yourself in these shoes for a minute. You lost your job because you missed too many days from injuries caused by your abuser. You can’t even imagine why someone would hire you anyway. Your bank account is depleted. Your brakes ...

28th Sep


No child should have to go through the instability and violence that Julian and his brothers did. But fortunately, his mother made the courageous decision to leave. And then you had their backs. Listen to Julian tell his story as a ...

22nd Sep


As adults, we’ve earned the right to make our own decisions. At Coburn Place we treat survivors no differently. It’s our core philosophy. While each participant chooses which services are right for her or his situation, it can be a ...

23rd Jul


The Lemonade Stands were incredible – from the North side to Fletcher Place and from start to finish. Thank you for every sip you take and gift you make! The thing is, this is about more than shoes. Way more. It’s about ...

25th May


You might think that once a housing client receives the keys to their new home, that our work is nearly finished. In fact, it’s just beginning. It is not unusual for domestic violence survivors to have low credit scores, evictions, ...