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What Should You Do If You’re Stalked?
10th Jan


What to do if you're being stalked - Coburn Place, Indianapolis, IN

  Stalking is unbelievably prevalent and may appear innocuous, so it can be hard to see signs of danger in our daily lives. One out of 12 women and one out of 45 men will be stalked in his or her lifetime. Stalking behavior often ...

3rd Dec


Put yourself in these shoes for a minute. You lost your job because you missed too many days from injuries caused by your abuser. You can’t even imagine why someone would hire you anyway. Your bank account is depleted. Your brakes ...

26th Nov


Here’s a story of what Coburn Place is all about. It was 6pm the day before Thanksgiving. Carrie, Community Housing and Outreach Coordinator, had just helped a client, “Hannah,” sign a lease. Hannah had a safe home, ...

25th Oct


Substance abuse often plays a role in intimate partner violence. Sometimes it’s a way for the victim to cope. Other times it’s the abusive partner forcing or coercing the victim to use. Just one more way to exert control. This was ...

28th Sep


No child should have to go through the instability and violence that Julian and his brothers did. But fortunately, his mother made the courageous decision to leave. And then you had their backs. Listen to Julian tell his story as a ...

26th Jul


We are overflowing with gratitude. In about a week’s time, you opened your hearts and your wallets to the tune of $17,881 to support kids who need it most. Kids like Myron. Watch this story by Rafael Sanchez of RTV6. You’ll see ...

25th May


You might think that once a housing client receives the keys to their new home, that our work is nearly finished. In fact, it’s just beginning. It is not unusual for domestic violence survivors to have low credit scores, evictions, ...

26th Apr


Imagine being 19 with a toddler and a baby on the way. Then picture escaping not one but two abusive partners. This was reality for Brianna. The graphic details of her story illustrate so many of the different ways that abusers control ...

5th Mar


We love sharing stories with you. But it doesn’t get any more powerful than to hear someone tell their own. We hope you’ll join us at Blue & Gold Breakfast to hear Brianna tell hers. She is a remarkable young woman – a mother ...

18th Dec


Every single day, your support is helping domestic violence survivors. Whether it’s help, a home or even hope, together you are writing new endings to their stories. “Shannon’s” book has many difficult chapters, including the ...