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Celebrating Bill Browne: A Commitment to Coburn Place and his Neighborhood Legacy
23rd Feb


Celebrating Bill Browne: A Commitment to Coburn Place and his Neighborhood Legacy

  Supporter Nancy Barnes and her father, Bill Browne, have almost 100 years of history with Coburn Place.  Bill Browne attended school at IPS School #66, Henry P. Coburn, from 1933 to 1941. And then 78 years later, in November of ...

17th Feb


Rapid Rehousing Indiana: A Conversation with Laura Berry - Interview with Coburn Place Safe Haven

Rapid Rehousing helps survivors escape interpersonal abuse by providing them with a safe, permanent housing solution with advocate support and short-term rental assistance. The model gives survivors the chance to gain self-sufficiency ...

10th Jan


For Immediate Release Date: January 11, 2019 Contact: Julia Kathary, Coburn Place Executive Director 317-923-5750, office; 317-340-4731, mobile Coburn Place Safe Haven awarded Lilly Endowment $2.5 million ...

26th Nov


Here’s a story of what Coburn Place is all about. It was 6pm the day before Thanksgiving. Carrie, Community Housing and Outreach Coordinator, had just helped a client, “Hannah,” sign a lease. Hannah had a safe home, ...

21st Nov


For a lot of people during the holidays, “Mayo” is what you put on your turkey sandwich the day AFTER Thanksgiving. But for us, we are reminded of our sweet friend, Leslie Mayo. Leslie, her partner Deondra and their kids have ...

17th Oct


If you’re a collegiate sports fan, you’ve most likely heard of our friends, Tupelo Raycom. They broadcast live sporting events across all of the major networks. Like many companies they support non-profits. But it’s the “why” ...

22nd Sep


As adults, we’ve earned the right to make our own decisions. At Coburn Place we treat survivors no differently. It’s our core philosophy. While each participant chooses which services are right for her or his situation, it can be a ...

18th Sep


Coburn Place is thrilled to partner with Northview Christian Church! During their 2017 Good Neighbor Weekend, they brought 16 hard-working volunteers and a variety of in-kind donations. We look forward to them joining us for an even ...

23rd Jul


The Lemonade Stands were incredible – from the North side to Fletcher Place and from start to finish. Thank you for every sip you take and gift you make! The thing is, this is about more than shoes. Way more. It’s about ...

19th Jul


Lemonade is cool and all, but what if it had a kick?! Enter Indigo and the most fun anyone ever had at a lemonade stand and doing good for their community. Indigo is the Coburn Place young professionals group. They are ...