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Supporter Spotlight: All Souls Unitarian Church
19th Apr


We are so grateful to our friends at All Souls Unitarian Church for adopting an apartment! Their sponsorship covers the cost of preparing a unit for a new family. Not only does it help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but it ...

18th Apr


2013 Shining Stars: Chyna Pinner: 232 hours – Chyna spent her entire summer working as a Children’s Assistant for our Schools out Camp. Chyna is the daughter of our daytime mentor, Talia. Lynn Davis: 212 hours – Lynn ...

19th Mar


WIN is a business resource group designed to bring together Chase employees with similar interests. The philanthropy and volunteer group chooses to support Coburn Place. Their enthusiasm for empowering residents is incredible! Rebecca ...

13th Oct


“Dynamic Duo” is a fitting nickname for the volunteer wife and husband team of Debbie and Pat Spencer. They have put their time, talent and hearts into reaching out to the community to spread the mission of Coburn Place and garner ...

11th Oct


We are truly fortunate to have an incredibly talented and passionate group of volunteers and supporters. You bring many different skills and resources to the table in support of our families. You also bring many different reasons for ...