Taking Care of You: Relationships and Family Struggles

Young man with glasses and an earring kissing an older smiling woman on the cheekSaturday, Dec. 2 | 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
TWC Event Center, 4175 Millersville Road, Indianapolis
Free | Lunch provided

Around 38% of people are more stressed during the holidays, and 64% of people living with an existing mental health illness report worsened conditions. Additionally, many older adults in the Black community view mental health conditions as a sign of personal weakness – making the holiday season especially tough.

Join us for an interactive workshop and develop skills to cultivate healthy relationships, learn ways to advocate for yourself, and identify behaviors that could lead to unsafe relationships. Facilitated by therapist Hazel Owens, MDiv., LMFTA, you’ll learn:

  • How cultural and familial narratives shape us
  • The impact of systemic and generational trauma on relationships
  • How childhood trauma manifests in relationships
  • The concepts of inner-child healing, re-parenting and parentification

Admission is free, lunch is provided, and the kids are taken care of! They’ll be doing guided art activities to boost their self-esteem while you take time for yourself.

Everyone is welcome.

Register at takecare.eventbrite.com.

This program was made possible by funding from the Indianapolis African American Quality of Life Initiative