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Domestic violence occurs when one partner in an intimate relationship uses power to gain control over the other partner. Domestic violence can be physical, sexual, emotional, financial and/or spiritual. There are many ways abusers gain control over their victims such as: using intimidation, using coercion and threats, using isolation, using children, using economic or emotional abuse and minimizing, blaming and/or denying the concerns of their partner. The Power and Control Wheel is an excellent visual reference for how abusers gain control over their victims. To contrast that, it may help to see the Equality Wheel – an excellent visual reference for an equitable, non-violent relationship.

This page is your resource to finding the help you or someone you care about may need. You can learn more about the Coburn Place program. Only the housing component (on-site or community-based transitional housing) of our program has an income guideline.  All of our other programs and services are confidential and are available to anyone experiencing domestic violence.  You can learn about our admission criteria and application process and also download a housing application.

If you are in a domestic violence situation and fear for your immediate safety, please call 911 or find a protected place to stay for yourself, and any children you may have. Consider whether you would be safe to stay temporarily with friends or family, or contact one of these local emergency shelters and resources:

Having a safety plan is critical. You can download one here.

If you’d like to contact a Coburn Place advocate, please call 317-923-5750 or email us.

If you are ready to learn more about the Coburn Place program, here’s where to start.


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