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Help Coburn Place While Keeping Your Social Distance

Help Coburn Place While Keeping Your Social Distance

Streets are quiet and many businesses are closed, yet plenty of people have no safe home to escape to for refuge.

While we are asked to stay indoors and away from social interactions, many are forced to choose between proximity to abusers or a dangerous disease; financial stability or homelessness.

More Important Now Than Ever

In this new uncertain reality, Coburn Place continues to provide safe housing and well-being advocacy to survivors of interpersonal violence. We might have fewer daily visitors, but we are still offering ongoing and holistic support to survivors. We hope to keep using new and available flex funds, from donations like yours, to assist survivors in the community who have lost their jobs.

Can You Still Help?

Since in-person volunteering isn’t an option, we are working on ways for you to volunteer remotely at home.

One way you can sustain our immediate needs is through monetary support. (There’s even an option to set up a small monthly gift donation.)