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Apartment Sponsorship

When a family moves into Coburn Place, they are provided an apartment home fully furnished with donations from the community. Before a family moves in, the apartment is in good maintenance. It is deep cleaned, painted, re-carpeted, if necessary, and completely furnished specifically to welcome home that particular family. The cabinets are stocked with food staples. Baskets of toiletry items and towels stock the bathrooms. The dining table is adorned with place settings, including a bowl of snacks for the kids.

The Adopt an Apartment program is a great way for individuals and groups to become involved in providing a welcoming home to new Coburn Place families. $1500-$5000 covers the cost of completely readying an apartment for a new family to move in for one year.

Benefits include:

  • Apartment Sponsorship for 12 months
  • Recognition on the Adopt an Apartment Sponsors plaque in the Coburn Place lobby
  • Signage with your logo or name over an apartment door
  • Public recognition through Coburn Place’s website, social media, newsletters, and annual report
  • Opportunity to set-up and decorate an apartment and add personal touches to welcome the new family
  • Donations are tax deductible
  • Donation can be invoiced

For more information on how you can sponsor a Coburn Place apartment, please contact Lara Chandler at or 317-923-5750.

Thank you to our sponsors!