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Our Mission, Vision and Values
Our Mission

Empowering people impacted by interpersonal abuse.

Our Vision and Identity Statement

The vision of Coburn Place is of a world where every adult and child may live free from interpersonal abuse, housed stably and safely, with adequate financial resources.

We advance our mission of:

Empowering victims of intimate partner violence to live as survivors.

…and seek to (impact)

Improve immediate and long-term safety, overall well-being, long-term self-sufficiency, and permanent housing stability.

by serving

Adult victims of intimate partner violence and their dependents regardless of age, ability, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, religion, income, or sexual orientation.

in (geographic area)

Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana with no geographical restrictions regarding where someone originates.

through programs and services 

Adult and child residential, non-residential, and outreach services that include on-site transitional housing, community-located permanent housing placement and stabilization assistance, support services, and personal advocacy. prevention/treatment referrals.

INCOME-BASED SERVICES INCLUDE: on-site or community-based transitional housing.

and emphasizing our unique advantages of

Being a recognized expert leader in wellbeing and housing services and approaches for survivors of domestic violence.

We are sustainable by (funding sources)

Individual, corporate, civic, and faith-based contributions, special events, private grants, public grants, and a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit partnership. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable corporation and encompass an Indiana limited partnership (LP) entity for our LIHTC partnership.

Our Values


Warm and Caring Environment

We commit to providing an environment that:

  • Encourages openness among clients, staff, volunteers, donors and supporters
  • Promotes friendly interactions among all who engage in life and work at Coburn Place
  • Infuses compassion in all that we do
  • Upholds the importance of a clean and inviting facility


Safety and Security

We understand that our ability to have an impact on the lives of those who will benefit from our services rests on:

  • Providing space which is first and foremost safe and secure
  • Giving clients a dependable environment



We strive in all that we do to:

  • Honor personal and professional boundaries
  • Recognize the inherent differences and importance of each person
  • Acknowledge that each client is the expert in her or his own life