Supporter Spotlight - Meet Tracy Dallas

Tracy Dallas accepting an award from Coburn Place staffCincinnati native Tracy Dallas, pictured her receiving a service award from staff, has volunteered at Coburn Place for six years. A business services consultant for the City of Indianapolis and Marion County, she lives on the west side with her 13-year-old dog, Max. “She is such a great ambassador for Coburn Place,” says Director of Donor Relations Julie Henson. “For more than a year and a half, she worked with a survivor, helping with her English and practicing for a citizenship test. She was really dedicated to this. Tracy is a monthly donor and has represented Coburn Place at community events. We are so thankful and lucky to have a friend, donor and volunteer like Tracy!”

How did you get involved with Coburn Place?
My first contact with Coburn Place was in October 2015 during my employer’s service day visit to refurbish an apartment. Once I understood the magnitude of the mission, I was “all in” and immediately signed up as a volunteer.

What do you enjoy about supporting Coburn Place?
The Coburn Place leadership and staff is exceptional. They took time to understand my skills and strengths, then paired me with compatible volunteer opportunities. I’ve helped residents with tax preparation, apartment refurbishment and learning English. I’ve helped staff with administrative and organizational tasks, and I’ve participated in pantry collection drives.

What is the favorite thing you have done here?
My favorite thing was representing Coburn Place as an ambassador. I had the opportunity to promote Coburn Place at civic events, fairs and fundraising events.

What do you do in your free time?
Pre-pandemic, I traveled extensively and attended plays, concerts and sporting events – I’m a huge NFL fan! Now my focus is on work, school and family events. I’m vaccinated now and am slowly returning to life outside of my apartment!

Why do you think it’s important to support Coburn Place?
In my 20s, I was in an abusive relationship but was very fortunate to have a strong support system and the will, desire and means to extract myself from the situation. Not everyone has that, so it’s critical to have a safe haven available and equipped to handle all of the challenges associated with domestic violence.