Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Connie Burton

Photo of Connie and Teia

Connie Burton, left, accepts a Kids’ Choice Award from Children’s Services Coordinator Teia Sherrell.

In 15 years of volunteering at Coburn Place, Connie Burton has brought joy to hundreds of people. Married with children and a grandson, Connie works with individuals with special needs, encouraging life skills, social skills and skills in artistic creativity. She lives west of Indianapolis, coming here from the San Francisco Bay Area.

“Ms. Connie began volunteering with the adults, but after hanging out with the children a few times, she was hooked,” says Children’s Services Coordinator Teia Sherrell. “Ms. Connie knows a good party when she sees one!” Teia says over the years, Connie and The Blended Church served adults and children by hosting community-themed craft nights, carnival game nights, cookouts and holiday parties. “All these events began as youth activities, but adults kept signing up to attend so we made them available to all,” Teia says. “Everyone wanted to enjoy her warm smile and kind heart!”

What do you enjoy about supporting Coburn Place?
I love that the staff supports me 100% in my volunteer efforts. They have always been there to provide whatever assistance I need to make my time spent with the kids and their parents a success. I especially enjoy establishing positive interactions with the children and their moms. Getting to know the kids has been a real joy for me and one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

What is your favorite thing you have done here?
One of my favorite things is being a part of bringing kids out of their shells and getting them to smile, have fun, play games and create artwork they can be proud of. By far, the best thing I have done is hosting annual Christmas parties for the kids.

What do you do in your free time?
I plant lots of flowers, tend to my garden, tutor and volunteer at the church I attend. I especially enjoy spending time with my grandson and family.

Why do you think it’s important to support Coburn Place?
Connecting with my own personal childhood experiences with family struggles and attempting to overcome them, I understand how fragile things are during that time in a child’s life … Unfortunately, I did not have the support system that is essential for both the parent and the child. Coburn Place has the support families need to thrive and move forward in life. Coburn Place provides just that and more.