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2nd Feb


As you’ve probably heard by now, the Trump Administration budget is proposing drastic spending cuts. Included in these cuts are the Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) and grants overseen by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). ...

1st Feb


 For Immediate Release Date: February 1, 2017 Contact: Julia Kathary, Executive Director | 317-923-5750 | Coburn Place Safe Haven among Domestic and Sexual Violence Charities across the United States Bracing for ...

26th Jan


Imagine escaping a completely controlling spouse only to end up in a place that kept telling you what to do. “Go to this meeting. Be back by 10. Don’t eat in your room.” Some programs are like this. Coburn Place is not. Your ...

14th Nov


Through a partnership with The Julian Center and the Domestic Violence Network we’ve developed a new 18 month program to offer domestic violence survivors support in the areas financial literacy, employment, education, ...

14th Oct


News Release Oct. 14, 2016                                                              Coburn Place to Benefit from Colts-Verizon Game Day Collection Colts Fans can Donate ...

10th Oct


When tapes surfaced of Donald Trump’s lewd language and behavior, people began speaking up. Tamika, Coburn Place graduate and survivor of domestic violence and rape, and Julia Kathary, CP Executive Director, added their voices to ...

19th Sep


“Stacy’s” history is one you’ve heard many times before. The abuse started with her father and continued into her adult relationships. Domestic violence is a cycle that continues until the victim becomes empowered to break it. ...

6th Apr


2008 Coburn Place graduate, Tamika, was this year’s Blue Breakfast speaker. She may have fled 1602 miles from her abuser but that was just the beginning. She traveled even further to create the life she knew she was going to ...

3rd Jan


In 1996, you may have been driving around in a new car that cost $16,300, singing along to Mariah Carey and Boyz to Men, on the way to the gas station to fill up for $1.15/gallon. Your favorite TV shows were probably “E.R”, ...

21st Dec


“Meghan’s” childhood was rough. She never felt loved. Without a healthy family experience, it’s no surprise that she ended up with an abusive partner. Many would accept that lot in life, but not Meghan. She knew she didn’t ...