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16th Jun



Interpersonal Abuse in the LGBTQ+ Community The statistics are clear. People in the LGBTQ+ community face disproportionately high rates of intimate partner and sexual violence compared to cisgender, heterosexual people. “The issue is ...

30th Sep


  Today is October 1, the first day of what was Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you are reading this blog, get ready to learn a new focus. And know that you are taking a first and important step in breaking the cycle of ...

18th Sep


Mark Curry has decades of experience photographing people and places around the world. How much experience? This Columbus, Indiana native began a career as a Public Information Specialist in the U.S. Air Force. Photojournalism moments ...

6th Aug


There is an emerging paradigm in philanthropy: Donors expressing their generosity through things they love doing. For Kathy Shain, that’s making quilts. Kathy has been supporting Coburn Place with her quilts and with financial ...

24th Jul


Chelsea had a sparkle in her eye when she talked about her dog Lila. This golden retriever came into Chelsea’s life during a time when there was nothing else good about it; when she was caught in the destructive whirlwind of ...