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Where to Start
Call or text anytime, 24/7
Phone: 317-923-5750  Text: 317-864-0832

Deciding whether to leave or stay can be a scary and uncertain time. We understand that, and we’re here to help. We believe that everyone deserves a safe home. We will help you begin to heal, by breaking the cycle of violence and working with you to plan a strong, independent life free from abuse. If you decide to stay or reconcile, we will work with you to develop a safety plan and explore supportive resources in the community for you and your partner.

Only the housing component (on-site or community-based transitional housing) of our program has an income guideline.  All of our other programs and services are available to anyone experiencing domestic violence, regardless of income.  To access any of these services, call us at 317-923-5750 or email us. Here’s a list of our services.

There is a basic set of criteria you must meet to be eligible for Coburn Place’s on-site or community-based transitional housing. Please review the application process to get a better idea of how this process works and what you can expect. Have questions or concerns, or need help filling out an application? Call us at 317-923-5750 or email us.